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Our Wines

White Wines
Pinot Grigio– A crisp and refreshing wine that is dry and light bodied.

Riesling– A very refreshing wine with crisp citrus flavors.

Villaggio Bianco– Produced from 100% Niagara grapes. A sweet, fruity wine that can be enjoyed year round.

Red Wines
Cabernet Sauvignon– For the wine drinker that enjoys a robust, dry wine with hints of cherry and currants. Hints of French and American Oak.

Malbec (Oaked and Un-Oaked)- Fruit forward and medium bodied. Flavors of dark berries and chocolate.

Syrah– Aged on French and American Oak for six months. This lends to flavors of light spice with berry flavors.

Villaggio Rosso– A sweet, fruity wine that can be  enjoyed year round.

Amore– This semi-sweet Rosé wine has floral notes with a hint of strawberry.